Snatcoin Cryptocurrency

SNATCOIN is an open source cryptocurrency project that was developed as a fast and cheap-to-use peer-to-peer virtual currency for blockchain and game developers.

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Feature 01

Coin Specifics

Max Supply: 80,000,000,000 SNAT
Initial Block Size: 100,000 SNAT
Block Time: Network target 60 seconds
Block Re-target Time: Every block
Block Halving Rate: 44,000 blocks
Main Net Port: 2332

Algorithm: SCRYPT

Feature 02

Cryptocurrency Games

Snatcoin is a fast and cheap-to-use cryptocurrency which makes it perfect to be used as a peer-to-peer virtual currency for games.

Snatcoin RPC on GitHub will show blockchain app developers how to interact with Snatcoin in order to use it within their games.

Feature 03

Vanity Addresses

Unlike most cryptocurrencies, Snatcoin has a variable starting letter for public addresses. This allows users to create more personalised addresses.

Download the Snatcoin vanity address creator for Windows or Linux

Feature 04

Windows Wallet

A pre-compiled binary file is available for Windows users at GitHub. Contains both the daemon and QT wallet.

Download here

Feature 05

Linux Wallet

An easy-to-compile Snatcoin Linux Wallet is available at GitHub. Contains both the daemon and QT wallet.

Download here

Feature 06

Paper Wallet

For those users who prefer to hold their cryptocurrency on a paper note we have the Snatcoin Paper Wallet generator.

Snatcoin Android Wallet

The Snatcoin Android wallet with QR code reader is coming soon. Send and receive Snatcoin quickly and easily on the go.